PPC Services
Pay Per Click

PPC — Pay Per Click

PPC is also a part of Digital Marketing. It is generally a paid add on Google. It is a technique to acquire a direct visitors and direct traffic to the websites. It works on the keyword phrases. PPC ads also known as banner ads.

PPC is a kind of silent auction. We place a bid on the keywords phrases and after get approval from the Google it will show on the top of the Google pages. We have to pay a small amount to the Google for our PPC add. We get a lot of profit from by the clicks. We have to work on Google Adword for that.

We at VisieSoft Technology Pvt Ltd.have been undertaking bearable pay per click campaigns for clients and customers spread across US, UK, Canada and India. Past many years we have successfully completed PPC campaigns on the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. we offer low cost campaigns for the clients in order to make sure that they receive only profitable visitors at the cheapest possible cost per click.
We create landing pages in order to enhance the conversion rate of the website so that the client may get the target and also get the high profit.